Issue with the login to the system, the facebook app point to the old .edu site

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I’m only able to login, when I click the forgot password, then I will revise an email, with a link to temp login.

Feature: The user login feature to the EteRNA websites.
As an EteRNA player with an old account
I want to be able to login to the system in the fastest way without any issue which could block the login
So that I will be able to play/solve pazzles and contribute to Open Labs in the easiest way I can get

Scenario:  Trying to login with an old account . which was created in the .edu site.
   Given that I have an old account with the ""site
   When I click the forgot password link
    Then I will get an Email with the title of “Replacement login information for at EteRNA”
When I click the link in the email
Then I will be directed to the my profile page
When I try to edit any info or change my password
Then I will get the error message of that the email address existed as If I was trying to create a new account

Scenario:  Trying to login with the login with Facebook button. with an old account, which was created in the .edu site.
   Given that I have an old account with the “” site
      And my account was synced with my “Facebook” account
      But that was in the old .edu site
 When I try to login with the “Login with Facebook” button
 Then the “Error” popup message will show up as you can see in the attached image

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Thanks for posting – I’ve sent a note to jnicol who might know the fix.