Lab puzzles stop halfway

Is there something wrong with the lab puzzles? When i’m half way, they don’t react anymore, they just stop. I don’t have that problem with the challence puzzles, so i think its not my computer. Hope it can be fixed soon, Deedie

I have had the same happening several times too.

Hi Deedie -

this issue should have been fixed now. Please let us know if the problem persists.

I’m sorry Jeehyung Lee, i just found your comment.I solved just 1 lab puzzle, so so far so good. I also had a problem with the very large puzzles, and aldo they are pretty slow, they don’t get stuck anymore, so al can solve them al.
Thank you

HI Deedie

I have had this problem in some if the large puzzles, also slowdowns and screen clutter. The only way I’ve found to save it is to refresh the page. I’m waiting for replies in the forum.

Good Luck

Thank you joeK2_45 I will try it the next time a work on a large puzzle, but one of the problems with my computer is, that its impossible to upgrade my videocard drivers. So i always have to work with a very old version of the videocard.
Hopefully your idea will help, aldo i can solve the puzzles now, it just takes time.