Latest lab results

Why is my deign HFK2.0 still waiting for results? All of the others have been completed. Thanks.

Hi wisdave,

We are very sorry that we didn’t inform you about the status of your design “HFK2.0.”

The synthesis team has told us that they had trouble synthesizing the design, and could not figure out why yet. We’ll update this post as soon as we have more information!

Thanks for the quick response.

As a member of the experimental team, I wanted to confirm that we tried to synthesize this sequence in two different ways, and they both failed.

We’re not entirely sure why (especially because we’ve had a near 100% track record for several months). Anyway, please rest assured that we did try our best.

Wisdave (or anyone else who knows how to find it)… can you link to the design? I can’t find it and would kind of like to see it. Just curious.

Just select past RNA labs and click on lab results. Mine is #12 on the list. Good luck.