Make your own Bot - Or giving players a programming interface.

I keep thinking of what I would want if developers gave the players programming functionality so here it my first go at it.
First off, Javascript is fine.

What I am interested in is, yes, giving scripting to the programmers among us but also creating an environment where non programmers can us the tool also.
Below are my thoughts.

give players the ability to write javascript small subroutines that are sweeps over the puzzle that do one thing. (Change all stack NT to Blue/Yellow pairs would be and example. Flick the first and last NT pair in each stack would be another).

Subroutines, once written can be saved, selected and reused.
Which means I can use other players subroutines, all subroutines are reusable.
Create a user interface (the bot screen) that allows subroutines to be selected
into a list and then run one after the other on top of each other over the puzzle.

Non programmers build a bot just by selecting which subroutine and in what sequence to run.
Non programmers can suggest subroutines that can be programmed by whoever.
Bot page can be saved, modified and reused.

Allow code to be accessible so we can copy and modify,
Examples given to start us off , once we build up a database of subroutines and code, modifying will get easier. ( I hate writing anything from scratch, I am very lazy).

For the program to get specific within the puzzle, a framework has to be figured out so that specific parts of the puzzle can be selected for subroutine to run over.
In other words, I want my bot to be able to chase the unstable energy around the puzzle
I have several ideas that should make this possible and relatively easy.

It the devs would like me to expand the above into something more concrete,
or if others have similar ideas, please rely.

I don’t have much to add to the topic, simply that I’m in favor of a scripting interface, and that I’d help implement routines for others, or code-review/debug them (I’m told I’m terrific in that domain)