making puzzles easier for experienced players

I had a thought that might make things easier and thus speed up puzzle solving for experienced players.

I think that would mean players got more done - so might effectively be the equivalent of increasing the number of man hours available to the eterna project

at the moment if I look at a chain of bases there are some very small arrows that indicate the direction of the RNA being read.

these are all currently uniform in colour

the free energy to either side of a bond is currently calculated
if the bond is flipped - then the free energy on both sides usually changes

if the free energy of one of the sides of that bond would change from a positive number to a negative number - if that bond were flipped - then changing the colour of the arrow could be used to highlight that - meaning that players could at a glance spot whether changing the direction of a pair would have significant impact on the free energy.

I don’t know if it would have any significant impact. Or even if using multi coloured arrow options to indicate more complex energy states might be possib;e/sensible

basically I’m flagging up that there is a graphic that could be used to deliver more info to the players - without a big change.

I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad but it might be worth looking at.

Hi Edward

We have added your idea to our task queue, case id #546. We’ll later update this post further details!

Thanks for sharing your idea

EteRNA team