Marking bases problem on iPads

In the 3rd pack level 5 of 11, the level starts with a mandatory tutorial making you mark a base. There are no buttons, at least to my knowledge or I could easily be overlooking something, to be able to mark a base on an iPad type device.

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Hey James!

A wonderful side-effect of moving away from Flash is that now Eterna works on mobile devices… Sorta. However, for the time being, we do not officially support mobile devices, and as such, have not implemented certain features (such as base highlighting) to specifically work with mobile devices. This is planned eventually, but for the meantime, you’ll have to use a device with a keyboard (bluetooth keyboard may work for this!) until we have the resources to work on this.

Maybe we add a custom tool for marking bases?

As we’re working on the mobile app now, it’s in progress :slight_smile:

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ah great! :grinning: