Maximum consecutive G's in-puzzle don't match description.

In at least the new puzzle of the day, the constraint of maximum consecutive G’s in-puzzle don’t match the puzzles’ description. The description of the puzzle claims to allow for one more consecutive G than is actually allowed. The puzzle is still beatable and a good challenge, so you may want to alter the description instead of the puzzle.

Thanks for pointing this out Dan! That is a good catch. We’ll look into fixing that.

For now I’ve put that on our bug tracker as bug # 151

Our puzzle designer Snehal just went through all the challenge puzzles to make sure the descriptions are correct. Thanks for pointing it out again!

Daniel: As an EteRNA “employee,” you don’t have to post on GetSatisfaction. You can post directly to the bug tracker. Just remember to mark the bug “UNCONFIRMED” so that we know to go over it. :slight_smile: