my basics tutorial opens, but nothing happens

my basics tutoria opens, but nothing happens; I see a few icons, but can’t move anything and can’t do anything - this is both iexplorer and other browsers.

do you have a mac? I do, and mine is doing the same thing. I tried installing flash 10, and that didn’t work. i’m stumped.

tigerlily, eafxcf.

We just updated a fix for this. Let us know if the game still doesn’t work.

Sorry about the trouble!

  • EteRNA team

I can get into the tutorial, but it never starts. Please fix it.

Hi Adenine-Uracil-Adenine

Can you please specify the computer platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) and the browser(IE/FF/Chrome/…) you are using?

Also, as a quick fix you could try to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player here