New Shiftable puzzle maker


Noticed that Create Puzzle and Create Shiftable "save"s are the same.
The quirks that come with a new upgrade look liveable.
Delete may be cumbersome but that also may be because of the newness of
the feature.

I am thinking how I want to use it.
I may want to play around with expanding and contracting the puzzle in
puzzle maker before I post. Was not able to.

I take it the “contracted” solution solves the puzzle. The expanded versions
allow the player to play around more but doesn’t issue a “puzzle solved”
if the first solution isn’t solved.

I would like to be able to submit a puzzle that is not solvable unless you add or remove bases. The way it is set up now, it doesn’t seem possible to submit a puzzle unless it is solvable in the original form.

Can you model sequence splicing with the new shiftable? What would be
the goals, a stable puzzle before or after, or is there a shape that has to be preserved? May not know enough to ask the right question.