New tool for players - Highlighter

One of the problems I have with some puzzles is that multiple loops have similar base sequences, so sometimes making a small change breaks the whole pattern.
So I then look very carefully around the sequence to see where the bases I was playing with have ended up.

It would really nice if I could mark a base (or multiple bases) with a glowing outline or something

That way when I had one of these situations I could set it to ‘target mode’ mark the bases I was about to change. Then set it to natural and see where they ended up

then mark the ones that they were now paired with
then set it back to target mode and see where the two similar areas were.

I think this is in flash - so setting a glow should be relatively easy ? So I’m suggesting adding another tool (like the mutate base tools) to toggle a glow on/off

Edward :slight_smile:

Edward -

Thank you for your great suggestion!

Actually, a similar idea was also discussed in the previous post:…

We are currently focusing on our publication, so we may not be able to implement this feature right now, but I think this is really a great idea!

Yes, I did see that other thread but I wasn’t really sure what they were describing, and it looked complex. I think this is probably easier to code by a margin and might have other uses - the use I suggested above does look fairly similar to the other comment now that I dig into it a bit further - but I think this is probably simpler and more versatile (though whether that versatility gives any other uses is still something to think about).

Incidentally I’m not expecting any coding ‘soon’ just suggesting improvements that in the long run might be helpful.

You can highlight by clicking on a base with a keyboard modifier. On Mac, it’s Command. Not sure what it is on Windows.

Reply ok just tested it on a PC

it’s CTRL+click

can someone mention that in tutorial/guid somewhere


Edward :slight_smile:
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