The dark blue tutorial screens have a block to display for energy in calories. To the right of this is a small schematic of a molecule consisting of 12 nucleotide subunits. Some parts of the schematic are in red, some in white. Is the objective to get the whole schematic to change to white? What are the rules to accomplish this?

Thank you!
MGB (mgbunem)

Colors are “nomeclature”?

Hi mgbunem,

yes the goal of the game is to make the whole schematic to change to white (You’ll later get more goals to accomplish such as limits in number of nucleotides you can use, etc).

To do this, you have to make the RNA fold into the target shape [the shape in the schematic]. You have to put nucleotides that pair with each other in proper places such that those nucleotides pull each other to put RNA in the target shape.

We recommend you finish tutorials here

and follow recommended puzzles for a while to get used to the game.