Oh No! I Broke Eterna! :.-(

Ok, I am sure that everyone else is safe, but I made a noob mistake when trying to solve a problem for one of my puzzles… here is the full Story:

 When the thumbnail for one of my puzzles failed to generate:



I decided to do a quick (and harmless) mend. I have posted an image link to a touched-up screenshot of the shape icon for previous puzzles that failed to generate:




However, this fix DOES NOT work to show the thumbnail for the image on the Player Puzzles Page:




 As a one-time (two-instances done together) proof of concept I decided to experiment with what could be excepted as an entry for Puzzle Title (keeping in mind the size limitations of the page):




I admit, I was quite pleased with the result.

     I realized that I could use the title to insert a small image of one of my puzzles into this field (via HTML) and that though technically not the thumbnail itself, the image should display where the Thumbnail would usually appear on the Player Puzzles Page.

    So, I took a screenshot (PrntScr) and uploaded it to the usual Photo-dump Site:




This was how I had managed to import the edited puzzle thumbnail shown earlier.

    I went to copy the code for the image, but when I pasted it in the title I realized that I forgot the last letter or so and so went back to the page I had the image on to copy the code for it and here is where I made my mistake.

    Where I had copied too little before, this time I copied too much. In reviewing my error, I believe I imported the following (expanded) code into the title (here commented out for extra safety):


     When the image failed to generate in the title I realized that I had selected the wrong section in error. I intended to only copy the image part:

However, when I returned to the eternal page to replace the code I had included in the title I realized I had done goofed.  

     I found that I was no longer able to access the puzzle at all to edit it:




Not only that, I had mistakenly copied the stylesheet from the original page and this effected not only my puzzle, but literally any page on which it is displayed. The entire page is corrupted as a result of the puzzle’s title code:



 Any issue with the site is instantly restored by selecting a filter or searching for any string in the search-bar which will exclude the corrupting puzzle.


PLEASE HELP! I would idealy like to see the puzzle restored, but whatever must be done.


      My sincerest apologies for the trouble and inconvenience.

                                      Thank you ever so much for your time,



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I think I have cleaned things up.  Thanks for reporting it.

Thanks Omei for cleaning up the page. :wink: :slight_smile:

Lmao, Thank you for undoing my “folly” xD