Old Browser - Tutorial works but nothing else?

So I stumbled over this article regarding Eterna and got curious, followed the link, did all tutorials and then registered.

Problem is that I only have the top tabs(?) like Me, Puzzle etc but no matter what I choose, nothing happens…I only have the majority of the screen showing blue and bubbles.

Now, since I wanted to play this a bit from work, I cant change the fact that we still use IE7 - it’s just that I expected it to work since the tutorials did…or does that mean Im out of luck?

Hi Valhingen

Our website is not fully compatible with IE7 - we plan to broaden our support eventually, but right now we only support IE8 or higher.

Is it perhaps possible to upgrade your browser to IE8? or any other web standard compatible browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari) would work too.

Hello there,

Thanks for your reply. I’m afraid not…we are talking rather huge corporation with somewhat rigid online access. We cannot install alternative software or upgrade ourselves - that would be central IT/server :confused:

I’ll keep the link though…maybe we upgrade eventually (*sigh*) or you extend support to this ancient version.