On Mobile & on Website, Chat overlaps mobile "now continue to eternagame" notice

I tested the Android App on BlueStacks Android Emulator. Installed fine. However, when I open the chat, the chat box overlaps the “now continue to eternagame.org to keep playing and Join the Open Vaccine Challenge”

You can click the X or chat icon to remove it, though it is definitely supposed to share the screen and not simply sit on top. I know there are sometimes oddities with BlueStacks, but we’ll look into it

Sharif suggested that increasing the opacity of the background of the chat box would improve/solve this situation

Ideally the chat should just be docked to the right side of the screen, with everything else on the left…

Oh, you know what it might be? I bet it’s because your screen window is so large (larger than any actual mobile device), that isn’t kicking in. So yes, likely that is the right way to do it. Of course, this is liable to only be an issue within an emulator like this :slight_smile: