Option to minimize/shrink the timer

The timer is very prominent, and it makes me a bit anxious as I’m playing. A feature to make it smaller, or hide it might be cool.

I should mention that I am coming from FoldIt where it is normal to spend many days on a puzzle. Maybe there is a difference in timescales.

That’s a great idea. What about completely getting rid of the timer? It was part of a vestigial version of the game, but it makes less sense now. I’ve put this down as feature #97 in the bug tracker. We’ll get on it as soon as possible, but please give us about a week.

How would you feel about enabling players to have one-on-one competitions with others timing for speed?

I think getting rid of the timer for non competitions, having it only on for time-based competitions, sounds great.

I agree. I will talk with the team about this during tomorrow’s meeting.

Keith: We wanted to get back to you on this. There has been a grassroots movement to get rid of the timer. Please add your opinion to this thread. The developers are leaning towards getting rid of the timer, although we will only make a final decision at next Monday’s developers meeting. I will keep you updated on this issue. Thank you for your input.

Hi Keith: For a (belated) followup on this issue. We agreed that the timer is not adding to the game, and it is gone. Please let us know how else we can improve EteRNA. We’re getting ready for our big launch in mid January so any thoughts would be very valuable.