Original account on Facebook lost.

Signed up first this am through Facebook, then tonight it wouldn’t work and I had to create a new account and lost my games :frowning: Same e-mail account. Another Nova fan.

Hi Cindy2012

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Thanks for your idea!

EteRNA team

I signed in this am (after watching Nova on TiVo) through Facebook. Everything worked. This evening, I tried to sign in the same way, and the Facebook sign in did NOT work. Ended up starting a new account with the same e-mail address.

Tech difficulty #2. . .after I finished the first 10 puzzles, programs asked to “wait -submitting your design”. . .20 minutes later, it is still flashing the same message. Love the games! Thanks

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Tech Difficulties with Facebook Sign In and Submitting Designs.

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I know nothing about this issue.
I see no mention of me on this post.