Player-generated Puzzles

I think it would be interesting for players to be able to create their own puzzles. In fact, we have a great interface for that, but we left it out of the game at the last minute. One of the most important questions is… How should player-generated puzzles be scored? What score should you get for making one? What score should you get for solving one? Is there a clever way we can calibrate the score with the difficulty?

Base the score on simple solid combination’s and then up the score for the more complex ones.

I just found this older post, and think this would be excellent as a way to enhance puzzle solving skills - when you can see how a puzzle is created, you can see better what you may have to do to solve certain puzzle situations

How do you currently calculate the points currently for the puzzles? How do you determine if its a 100 pointer or a 1000 pointer?

Daniel Cantu directed Team blubblub to Adrien’s idea and we agree with d9 that this is a creative way to learn molecule design.

Currently, the scores are decided by Snehal, our puzzle creator. Btw, the idea of player-generated puzzles is still very much on the table (and connected to some interesting scientific problems related to the number of solutions for any given puzzle). We just have had too much on our plate to deal with it right away.

Adrien, I see this question as two parts.
The first part would be for users to upload known RNA samples that they themselves would be interested in. They would submit them, and Eterna would vet them and would give them scores as per normal puzzles.

As a balancing feature, say you put in an intial score of 500 per puzzle. With each hundred players having completed it, it would drop 100 points each time. So if 200 players complete it, the puzzle would now be worth 300 and so forth. Maybe down to a minimum of 150 points.

The second part of players actually creating puzzles from scratch.
How would that be any different from the lab as we know it now? Especially since we don’t know what constitutes a valid design, for sure.
Just that the source/idea would be from a player?

Maybe documentation of how you create puzzles at the moment, would help determine a more useful player-friendly version?

I like that scoring idea. It’s simple, and encourages players to solve puzzles early! :slight_smile:

Just make the scoring completely flexible and self-regulatory.

Calculate every day the average number of completions. Score this number with 500 points. Score the puzzle with the highest number of completions with 50 points and calculate the scores between. Then do the same with the puzzle with the lowest number of completions (=1000 points).
Do this with all the puzzles, not only with player created ones.

Re-calculate every day the complete scoreboard (not only for new solved puzzles but also for earlier solved ones).