Player projects could be modified

Is anyone else wondering if we are going about the player projects backwards/sideways? I’ve been trying to work on these this week, and I wonder if a different strategy might work better. I’m seeing multiple very similar projects where the designer of the project hasn’t designed any molecules to test. What is the intent here? I was thinking that it might be more informative and more interesting to let players design only limited numbers of projects per run of 1000, say 3, but remove or increase substantially the limits on how many designs can be submitted by an individual per project. It seems to me that it might be more informative to look at only a couple, say, of the possible designs with 3 legs, and a neck with a loop between them (not trying to pick on anyone specifically, just an example) more exhaustively, then try to predict how the answers we get will work in other similar designs, rather than to try a bunch of different designs at once. I could think of a number of things I’d like to test in simple designs to greater completion than 3 options. I am having a harder time thinking of things to test completely with only 3 options per design. BTW, one of the things I thought of to test is how differences that make no difference to dot plot, melt plot and free energy change the design score. This is why I’ve been doing mods of other people’s designs in many of the projects, so I can get at least 3 of these variants, which there frequently are.

You’re totally right – the ‘3 designs per project’ was meant *just* for this pilot stage – we wanted to get a diverse set of sequences for troubleshooting our expts.

I’ll ask the others devs to clarify the page, for now. In the near future we’ll be trying to set up an interactive chat between players and devs to talk in more detail about what would be optimal for player projects.