Player puzzle design status?

Has the development team made any additional progress on providing players with the ability to use ETERNA templates to design and test architectural aspects of RNA? If the team is wondering how many nucleotide balls to provide for this feature please look at this link of of only three nucleotide triplets we did recently using the Octopus Spring Level Four template design with 417 nucleotide balls. To complete this we would need 40000 nucleotide balls:… may give you an idea of how many nucleotide balls we would need.

Hi blubblub,

The dev team is currently focusing on rebuilding the lab voting system. We’ll move on to the player designed puzzle once that task is done!

EteRNA team

Thank you Jeehyung. Your,team is setting an unbelievable pace and providing an invaluable wake up call to the potential of non-genomic RNA. .