Player puzzle scoring

I’d like to propose an idea for the player puzzle scoring that in my opinion better promotes learning and rewards smarter players and puzzle makers. The scoring side would be easy to implement, but i don’t know how hard viewing solutions is.

Award each player puzzle 100 base points (current).

Make all solutions of a specific puzzle viewable by forfeiting points for that specific puzzle (logged in users only)

Award current puzzle value points to the puzzle maker for every person forfeiting to look at the solutions.

Increase puzzle value by 100 points for every person forfeiting to look at the solutions.

The puzzle maker can look at all solutions, so can anyone else after they have either forfeited or solved the puzzle.

Harder puzzles would rise in points, motivating players to not want to forfeit them, and puzzles that everyone can solve would not give any points to the puzzle maker, motivating puzzle makers to try to think up smarter puzzles. It would also provide an easy way to not only rank puzzle making ability separately if that’s more preferable, but to also get comparable scores by making puzzles instead of just solving them.

Sorry for posting in Josh’s thread first.

Interesting idea…

This idea has been added to our task queue as case #613 - we’ll discuss this idea further in the dev meeting and update this post!

Thanks Jee :slight_smile:

I figured this would change nothing compared to the current system if it doesn’t work and people don’t want to look, but it’s self-propagating otherwise.