Please make a block function for the chat. Thanks.

People are trolling the chat. Please make a block function so we can filter which users we see in chat and who we don’t. Thanks.

Hello vegard.farstad,

Do you remember the username of player who did this?

the main issue for me is not going after people, just allow users to filter if they want. Makes the world easier than if you have to complain. If you do that, they “win”…

vegard, we’ll work on adding “Black list” function to the chat. Will update this post once we have it. Thanks for the suggestion!

EteRNA team

If you are looking for a more code-intensive but more community-building method, you could allow people the option to vote to mute a player. The first time they are vote-muted, they would only be silenced for a short amount of time.

If a troll is spamming the chat for 200 players, you might see 50 of the players block the person, but the other 150 are likely to just write off the chat as being useless and offensive (this was my mother’s reaction).

Of course, programmer time is valuable. Good luck!

That’s a good idea Chris, I haven’t really thought about such an advanced system.

I just meant a button or “unfriend list” where each user could individually mute other individual users (meaning not actually muting them, but making their posts in the chat invisible to the particular user).

I guess I should have called it an “ignore” function, not “block” or “mute”. Sorry about the confusion caused by my lack of proper terminology use :wink:

I don’t think an actual mute function is necessary for the time being, and if/when it will be necessary, I think it has to be moderator-controlled, not vote-controlled. As you say, most users will not bother to take action, but they could avoid chat in the future, which would be a loss for the community and site.

/ignore and /unignore have been added to the chat, thanks presumably to Nando :slight_smile: