Points for designing puzzles?

Do we have to solve our own puzzles to get points for them? We have to solve them in order to publish them, so I can hardly see the use of solving own puzzles anew when we instead could solve puzzles made by other players? Furthermore I think that making a puzzle (a good one) is more hard labour than solving one?

Hi boganis,

We will add rewards for making puzzles soon -

The reward will be mainly based on how our algorithm bots do on your puzzle. The harder it is for bots, the more you get.

We’ll update for this as soon as we have all bots working.

EteRNA team

Splendid! Absolutely capital!

@jee, are the rewards going to apply retroactively or once all the bots have been implemented?

My view is: I think it should be applied retroactively, because the bot goes through all designs. When a puzzle was made is irrelevant if it can learn us something to improve the algorithms :slight_smile: