Pressing R to Restart puzzle (with confirmation box)

Make the “R” button be a restart puzzle button.
Possibly add a confirmation box. But make the confirm button be either clickable or activated by pressing a button on the keyboard. Pressing the letter “R” again or pressing space are both good ideas

That’s a great idea! It’s been assigned to be upcoming feature #102 in the bug tracker. Please give us a week to do this, but we should get it done faster. (And we’ll let you know when it’s done!)

The feature that you suggested is implemented. Check them out now!

The key short cut is good, but I would also like to be able to press yes using the keyboard. Like by pressing Y or N.

Matt: Yes. That’s a good point.

Minjae: I opened this bug up again. When the dialog pops up, enter should mean “yes” and esc should mean “no”. (Or “y” and “n”… or both.)

The feature that you suggested is implemented. Check them out now!

RESET has gone too far - Please Help us with Safer reset

Please change or eliminate the current hot key response (accepting the letters Y or N) to the “Are you sure?” yes/no dialog box that appears when you inadvertently activate the reset capability. (The idea of accepting Y or N came from Matt B’s idea 3 years ago on this thread).

I have lost many a puzzle to the current behavior which too easily permits accidentally resetting. Situation: I think I am on chat, and typing a word like “jury”, that contains a ry sequence in it. The reset activates and the Are You Sure? dialog is instantly satisfied and (to my dismay) the puzzle gets reset before I can stop it. The desired behavior would be the “Are you sure?” dialog would NOT respond to text Y or N but would require an actual click on the Yes button to reset your puzzle.

Alterntive: And If we feel you must retain a keyboard choice for those unable to use a mouse/pointing device, an acceptable alternative would be to flash the dialog box and then clear the incoming keyboard buffer before we accept a new and hopefully deliberate Y or N.


Getting rid of the Y or N hotkey would eliminate the usefulness of a reset hotkey in the first place. The reset is nice to have, but the downside of losing a puzzle sequence accidentally outweighs the benefits, imho (in my hoglahoo opinion)

No more reset hotkey!

How about only small ‘r’ and capital ‘Y’? That’s an unlikely accidental combination.

lol, stumbled across this post, some guy’s helpful suggestion 3 years ago costing us puzzles today… 20/20 hindsight is awesome:D
JUST SAY N!!! for the campaign against the reset button