Previous lab result programming bugs?

Here is a list that you may want to verify that it is working correctly.

1-click on sequence - get window - no way to close window
even back page doesn’t work for me. (Firefox)
2-download shape data - not working?
download example when button pressed –…
what is tsv extension
3-column options default to blank when going in to select -
should default to whatever was previously displayed.

4-after clicking on seq - “next” button does not work in window
nor does prev.

5- Plus and minus signs on detail page don’t seem to work.

Hi JR,

Thanks for sharing your bugs list and sorry for any inconvenience you had.

We tested above them with Firefox, issue 1, 4, 5 work fine.

For issue 3, as players requested, we’ll change that column options default can be displayed as current settings.

Regarding downloading shape data(issue 2), as you mentioned, it doesn’t work in particular cases, especially when you go to the lab browser with project ID. We’ll fix it as well.

It would be helpful if you let us know your environment, just in case.


I have windows XP with firefox

Go to lab: Five Adjacent Stem Multibranch Loop
select - review results
click on 3rd sequence
I see no “go back” button when in detail window
how do you go back to list?

I hit next button and it give the same window with no data

If I hit left of the detail window it gives me the list

The zoom is working

on list screen hit download data
in new screen ???

Ok - Hitting outside the detail box gets you back to the main list screen so
1 and 3 are fine. I will do that.
5 - zoom works

still no luck with 2 (download) - haven’t found one that works
could you direct me to one that does.
and 4 (next or prev button) - still no luck

And thanks for your help.