Putting up links easier

I just seen there are pages where you can dump a link and it adds the html for you and you can just copy it out and dump directly as it is and it will link.

I wish to have an option with a box to dump a link and it will just turn up clickable in the text, be it on forum pages or in puzzle entry descriptions. It would make it a lot easier to upload links. Just like our ADD IMAGE option in here, adds on the html when we upload a picture.

Hi Eli, It’s a great idea!! Your suggestion has added on our issue tracker.

And what do you think about using

Markdown ( http://daringfireball.net/projects/ma… )

that can make you write html page more easier like this way

and it will be showed like Eli Fisker

I used this thing in other site and found it really useful.


Hi Justin!

I love your idea with the Markdown, It would be very easy adding links this way. Those brackets are easy to remember. So will we get this option for both the WIKI, the forum and the puzzle pages?