Puzzle Creator Problems

Having difficulty getting the Puzzle Creator  to open correctly for me. When I click on the icon, I am brought to the background screen complete with bubbles, but the only other features are the puzzle logo in the upper left-hand corner and the Live Chat which is featured on the right side of the screen; there are no other interfaces displayed, even the Go Home button is not there. I have made puzzles before and this problem only just started to happen. I ran into this problem using a different computer as well and so I do not think that it is my computer (Though they are Windows 10 Home, Version 1511). The browser used was Google Chrome. I enjoy being able to experiment in the Puzzle Creator and hope to be able to get back into that work-space ASAP, but until this issue resolves that won;t be possible. Please Help! Thank you.                 

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That’s a bummer.  I’ve had it happen occasionally in the past, and the only resolution I found was to delete my flash cookies.  But that deletes any record of partial puzzle solutions that I have stored.

On the positive side, though, clearing out flash cookies can really speed up the app’s responsiveness to mutating a base in player puzzles.  (But don’t expect it to make a big difference in how long it takes to calculate the folding of the Open TB lab puzzles – that’s a different bottleneck.)

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Thank you, I shall give it a try (after I take a few screenshots perhaps) :-D 

I have heard reports of this problem a few times already. Unfortunately, nobody has been able to give me a sequence of operations that would allow me to reproduce the problem and investigate it… Omei’s suggestion should fix the issue. Before doing as he suggests, you could attempt to open a player puzzle and use the ‘beam to puzzlemaker’ option. Good chances this would help too.

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I was able to get the puzzlemaker to work after clearing my cookies and am now the proud creator of another puzzle :smiley: Thank you! I had tried the player puzzle rout without success. 

   I think that the allowable memory for player puzzle creation my cause the program to crash or load improperly if the amount of bases allowed is exceeded by a certain amount. I was feeling ambitious and so I had created a sequence which was about 500 bases long and pasted it into the entry field for puzzlemaker. There was no issue initially, however, as I manipulated the puzzle more and more the actions began to lag and eventually the actions I performed failed to show graphically on the screen. I played around after I had cleared my cookies and found that bulk pasting of too many characters overwhelmed the puzzlemaker mode, but that an equivalent amount could be pasted if the sequence was pasted a little at a time.
   Up to about 450 bases seems to work alright, but much more than that and I found that the program would fail to run properly. 
   I hope this helps. Thank you again for the assistance.