Puzzle Limit

Face it, we have many players (like 4 :P) living with eteRNA deprivation. Hoglahoo (rank #3) usually emphasizes this thought. I think it is time to remove or at least increase the puzzle limit to 7. It means more millionaires, more popularity, and most cases more cadets. Usually, when you have about 10 000 active people on a website, it is popular. So basically, as I said above, remove the puzzle limit or increase it to 7.

Hi Earth! Out of curiosity, do you feel deprived? It looks like you still have 6003 unsolved puzzles. Hog, now, is a different matter. He only has 477 and he’ll probably finish off those this week.

Wasn’t that removed because of RNA-AW?

Omei, I don’t really think it’s about solving puzzles, more like about creating them ex nihilo, freeing your creativity(after labs are done) and making fine little torture devices of your own. Having to wait whole day just to publish a new one isn’t exactly helping.
So yea, increasing daily limit by one for every 100k points you have would help, and it would be an inspiration to solve more of them.