Puzzle Maker counter for remaining available submissions

Currently players are limited to 3 puzzle submissions within a 24 hour period. Several players have requested that a counter be available to show how many “slots” are remaining and how much time remains until they can submit another puzzle (one issue is spending much time in Puzzle Maker to create a puzzle, only to submit it and receive a message that the allotted 3 submissions have already been used).

User RedSpah mentioned this in Dev Chat July 10th. (http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/news/3143487/)
“RedSpah: ok, here’s my idea: Make a counter in “player puzzles” which tells how much you have to wait before you an create a new puzzle.”

An expansion on this request is to have Puzzle Maker (or some similar page) show the time remaining for each of the 3 slots. This could be similar to the box shown in the lower right corner when voting/designing in Active Labs (e.g. http://eterna.cmu.edu/game/browse/309…).

Rather than showing:
You have 8 votes left.
You have 3 solution slots left.

the Puzzle Maker box would show something like:
You have HH:MM:SEC remaining for your 1st submission.
You have HH:MM:SEC remaining for your 2nd submission.
You have HH:MM:SEC remaining for your 3rd submission.