Puzzle solution availability

Once I have completed a puzzle, I’d like to be able to see other’s solutions to the same puzzle. (the way that we can see proposed solutions to labs). That way, we could see how everyone else solved them, and possibly learn from what they did.

Also, as a puzzle designer, I’d like to be able to see how my puzzle is being solved.

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I like this idea especially as a puzzle designer

I concur. Long have wished for this. I think it would really open up creativity and allow progress into new discoveries. For now, you can browse the labs for ideas on how people solve puzzles, as well as search player puzzles for tutorials.

Got my vote, But it has been marked as “revisit later” on the github task list.

[from:mat747, rlmarchal] cleared solution repo – Player proposed – revisit later

Opened by jeehyung November 26, 2012

They may shut the door but we will keep knocking!

thank you! very helpful to have github ticket :slight_smile:

Excellent idea

Also, how about sharing multiple solves?

great idea. Seeing a solve is like a window into someone else’s mind. I love this about Eterna.

I like my mind behind closed doors just fine. : D. No, i really like the idea for puzzle designers POV. However if someone produces a harder puzzle with tighter constraints they usually solve it on the original puzzle then go to p-maker to publish. What if the player doesn’t want to reveal their solution because of that?