puzzlemaker with NuPACK

With Puzzlemaker using the NuPACK folding engine, I encounter several issues.
(1) Copy sequence to clipboard fails (no pop-up success message shows and I confirmed that the issue is not just lack of the success message = the sequence is NOT copied to clipboard)
(2) Paste in a sequence from clipboard fails = no dialog box appears to enable the paste.
(3) A sequence seems to calculate differently even though I just turned into a puzzle (and solved it) http://www.eternagame.org/game/puzzle/6362581/     My window with puzzlemaker is NOT successfully solved - maybe .  Confusing because I just built it there.  Might be that it is not the same, but without copy and paste, it is hard to tell…

I was using Chrome (in case this is a browser-specific issue)

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About (1) and (2), I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the problem. I can only hypothesize that a specific manipulation allowed you to “successfully” crash the folding engine while keeping some of the applet alive. Which would also probably explain your point (3).

Is there any chance you could rebuild the puzzle from scratch and localize the point in time when the applet starts reacting abnormally? 

Hmmm.  Reasonable request.  I tried the sequence I thought created it twice and was unable to reproduce the issue.  I would close the item unless I or someone else can reproduce.  Thanks for looking.

Thanks for the report, and agreed, let’s keep it open for the time being.