Removing Lab Submissions

I think it should be possible to remove your own submissions that have votes on them, provided they don’t have a significant number of votes. Say, three or less perhaps.

I am currently in a situation where I am quite certain one of my submissions will fail, it has 1 vote and I cannot remove it for that reason.

I’m new to EteRNA, and I have learned a lot since I submitted that design, so I doubt I’ll make the same mistake in the future, but it seems to me 1 vote shouldn’t prevent people from deleting their own submission.


Hi theSnark,

That’s a very interesting point…we’ll bring up this issue in our next dev meeting (next week) and let you know the outcome.

Thanks for sharing your idea!

EteRNA team

Hi Snark and Jee!

I too think Snark’s idea is great. One could say, that if the number of votes is less than 5, then one should be allowed to delete the design. Also that no one is allowed to delete designs the latest 24 hours before the lab is ending. Then people won’t lose their vote, if a design is deleted.