Report on Recent Retreat

I heard that there was to be a “pow-wow/retreat” a week or so ago that was to discuss the current and future directions of the project and perhaps set some priorities. Did anything that you would care to share with the end-users come out of it? Thanks.

Curious minds want to know.


Great idea! We’re going to post a news item soon, and we’ll let you know!


Hi jandersonlee

Here’s a very rough roadmap of new EteRNA website we came up with.

We also have full plan for how player project management/synthesis slot allocation/rewarding scheme will work - we’ll prepare more detailed post as a news item soon.

Also a hello from the retreat team : ]

(Ming, Nadya, Minjae, Jee, Adrien, Andrew, and Rhiju from left)

Thanks for the quick response. Looks good so far. Looking forward to your news bytes!

Hi jandersonlee…

Here’s a link to the news post with detailed proposal for new EteRNA!