[RFE] Split-Screen Dot-Plot Mode

Thanks so-much for the split-screen mode in the switch lab.

A related idea would be a split-screen mode with the dot-plot above the melt-plot on one panel and an interactive view of the molecule in the other panel. Right now when the full-sized dot-plot is up you cannot interact with the molecule, making it harder to judge the effects of changes to the molecule on the dot-plot. (You can interact when using a minimized dot-plot, but that is much harder to read and notice changes).


… and then make it even more empowering with an additional feature. When the cursor is moved over a point on the dot plot,

  1. Display the coordinates next to the cursor, and
  2. Highlight the two nts in the molecule panel.

The idea is to make it obvious just what nts are contributing to either a specific point or a general area of the dot plot.

And when you click on the dot-plot, it marks (or unmarks if both already marked) the two NTs.

I really like JandersonLee’s idea and would love Omeis addition too.