RNA Scoring Script Specifications

One of the script types is RNA Scoring. Is there a standard for:

  1. how many parameters it should take,
  2. what type they should be,
  3. and what it should return?


Originally one parameter scoring systems was what they asked for, but I don’t know if that still holds.

And that parameter would be “puzzle_id”?

You need shape + sequence to score and the simplest way you could get that with one parameter is by ID.

I’m guessing that you return a value in the range 0…100.

So I wrote a script that given a shape string, tries to solve a puzzle, but when I run it via “Test on Player puzzles” it complains such as the following:

H2O [97 People solved this puzzle] (FAIL, Unexpected token ), 0.001 sec )

Yet when I run it manually and pass it the shape string for that puzzle as input it works and returns a viable sequence.

Am I missing something? (And BTW could you possibly make the error messages less cryptic?)


Hi jandersonlee, those errors had been fixed so you can retest your script to get proper test message. The reason why those error messages appear is that there were wrong inserted code during evaluation(we automatically insert a piece of code into script in order to check timeout).

And you don’t need to care about default error messages because we’ll change test result interface. (If you want to see changed features, please check here. http://kws.eternadev.org/web/script/ )

I ran your script right before and it could solve many puzzles interestingly.

And about RNA scoring, we didn’t have any specific standards from now on so need some time to talk about this. I’ll let you know if we decide something about RNA scoring as soon as possible. Thanks!!