Science? or merely technology?

see “Social psychologist on the team?” for context. I trust the social dynamics of this group not at all. (NB: this is not a “forum”; this is a “help system”. Who profits by confounding nomenclature is a villain.)

Adrien Treuille wants to do an experiment in “crowd wisdom” and “crowd sourcing”?
Is that like group projects? Collaboration? Co-operation?

I saw none of that.
I saw junior highschool personality politics. I.e.: go with the flow, or STFU.

I have no evidence that there is the slightest attention to social dynamics.
PM is sweet … painfully primitive.

Chat is sweet … problematic in a number of ways. Inferior in any number of ways.
IRC is far more functional.
Google Plus is far more functional.

It seems to me that this is a project, indeed … a CMU project. Nothing about #SocialDynamics at all.

Science requires methodology. Methodology calls up technology. That’s not a question; that’s a statement.

I congratulate JeehYung Lee for the programming.
But CS has a crappy history with UX. And anybody who doesn’t recognize that isn’t worth his salt.
That’s not a question. That’s a statement.

p.s. JL - you Write but you don’t Read. Let me guess … it’s cultural … you’re a C programmer. (See? That’s where personal valence kick in: you would, of course, cast this as an attack because you’re angry/feeling threatened. But a true software engineer would recognize it for what it is: a joke. A joke, JL. Regardless what you say / judge / demand: you cannot impute motive. You’re CS. You’re not required to accept any of this … Skinner’s behaviorism suits you … you’d gladly regress science and democracy 3 decades … but, JL: you can’t do that. Not because I won’t let you [get it right: I won’t let you!] but because your position has been false since man real-ized rationality: you cannot impute motive, JL. My intentions aren’t yours to say. And yes, janelle and others agree with you. It’s not up to a vote. You cannot impute motive. Not. Not. Get it? And all CS’s power and CMU’s money can’t change that. You can game the game. Tell Adrien that: you succeeded in gaming the game. Maybe he’ll be happy. I truly hope not.)

This essay is about philosophy of science, regardless what Mr. JeehYung Lee and his friends say about it. – Bernard D. Tremblay