Scoreboard Cripples Game In Opera and Chrome

In Opera, the scoreboard fails to load entirely after finishing a puzzle. In Chrome, the loading of the scoreboard slows the game down to molasses and I have to exit and re-enter to get normal speeds again.

Hi oldbushie

We have been working on fixing the scoreboard problem and it should be updated very soon. We’ll notify you in this post again once the game’s updated.

We are sorry about the trouble!

EteRNA team

Thanks! I look forward to the fix.

Hi oldbushie - we have just updated a performance improvement for the scoreboard stuff. Now it shouldn’t cripple the game anymore. Let us know if the problem persists!

EteRNA team

Thanks! It works much smoother in Chrome now. However, the site’s flash (chat, challenges, or the app itself) refuses to load at all in Opera, even after clearing the disk cache

yes it’s definately better for me on mozilla too :slight_smile: