showing magnetic alingment of each ensyme...?

so i like to work with magnets. North and north repel and north south attract etc.
so far i have only played a few puzzles and have notices when using the natural mode a single enzyme change can throw the whole layout into chaos.

if at all possible could we get magnetic layout of each chemical so we can determine which way the fields will push or pull the enzymes together?

or even just a positive negative chart on the four Chemicals involved to show which ways they will want to move, or bond in.

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Under options, you can turn on show energies for all structures, which shows the few energy of every loop/quad.

i got that on it isn’t helping me much…
i am more of a mechanical thinker not a mathematical Analyzer …
I can see the mechanics of a field and it’s functions but cannot seem to equate numbers to the variables in any easy manner,

Even if i knew the equations it takes too long to be worth my time in a game.

Hi Af0ulWind!

In the collection Teaching and Tutorial Puzzles have a section with energy and math puzzles.

I will in particular recommend Nando’s walkthrough Walkthrough of Loop Strategy - Learn about the BIG Loop

Yeah, look at that stuff. There really isn’t any “equations” you need to know. The RNA folds into the lowest energy state. If you fill in a stack so that a loop in that place would have lower free energy, that’s what would happen, as is shown in natural mode. If you look at that loop created in natural mode, you can see where the energy defects (or the opposites) are.

Not exactly sure what you’re looking for (or what would be involved in adding it), but I have added it to our temporary issue table:…