Solicitation for more Tutorial/Instructive puzzles for Eli's Tips&Techniques

Eli, as always looking to help more players, is adding a section to his Tips&Techniques document that will help players find resources (tutorials, instructive puzzles) when they reach certain points in their EteRNA knowledge.

We want to use this forum post for people to add puzzles that they found instructive.
Eventually the goal is to group them by topic (what technique/issue they help players learn) but first we need to collect the many that are out there.

Currently the (under construction) section on page 5, shows these:

“Teaching puzzles”

Blues 1 - explicit with locked bases

Bulge teaching by Firedrake
More bulges by Firedrake

Indirect solving
Teaching puzzle - indirect solving by Hoglahoo

Slide prevention by Hoglahoo

Drake has a whole bunch of educational puzzles. Note, most of those are in the harder range. So do the other teaching puzzles first

I would suggest adding puzzle author, name (or series name) and, if identifiable, what technique/issue it would be grouped by.
For Example:

Eli Fisker, “shortie” series, Short Stacks and Open Loops.
Eli Fisker, “Corner Bulge” series, Corner Bulges w/o GC pairs

Would it be possible to start importing some of this content to our Wiki, which was recently re-activated?

The People at eterna can help by forcing classification of “Player Puzzles”. For example: they can have a field where the designer has to choose why he designed that puzzle; is tutorial, for fun, lab practice, switch, mirror, etc. Force that field to be checked or the puzzle is not published. If it is a tutorial puzzle, the description ought to contain what is it tutoring, similar for lab practice puzzles, switches and mirrors. “FUN” does not matter. With this information, several “buckets” can be created, so the users can go where their capabilities are in order to learn.

But, I know, I know, they are or shoe string budget and the rest is probably up to us.
We can always ask anyway,

Hi Rhiju!

For now I have made a new doc for the tutorial puzzle collection. I will love if other players will volonteer to put it up in the WIKI.

Teaching and tutorial puzzles

As it is now, I wouldn’t ever try to edit content on the wiki. I’ve been trying for the past 2 hours to test edits by “fixing” the FAQ page. I wanted the questions and answers to be cleanly presented in separate blocks, not in a messy single one. I am no wiki-virgin, but still, I failed, and I’m giving up.

I’m not sure how this “media-wiki” has been set up, but I would really like the option of totally deactivating this %@&!@# “MCE applet”, or having it disabled by default, and I certainly would like to understand why some (if not most) of the classic wiki-markups don’t work at all at the moment (I tried definition lists, bullet lists, etc, nothing worked).

Hi nando,

Thank you for your efforts on editing wiki contents and really sorry for your inconvenience.

MCE applet is just plug-in for helping a user edit contents more easier. That’s why we installed it as Eterna Wiki editor. The classic wiki-markups is deactivated because it can make a crash with Tiny MCE editor. But, I’ll make the classic language is available as soon as possible.

And now, FAQ page has been modified. If you want to add some contents on it, please try again. Thanks!

Eterna Dev Team

Hello Diana,

Thanks for explaining. But the problem I see with that MCE plug-in, is that if anything goes wrong (and it did for me a few times), then you need to be a HTML-guru to fix it manually. I’m not sure that HTML and wiki-markups can easily coexist. Once a page has been filled with HTML, it becomes impossible for someone without HTML knowledge to edit the document without the Tiny MCE applet. So, once we’re started with Tiny MCE, there’s no way out, and if so, you should spare yourself the trouble of trying to make both work at the same time.

Diana, is there a (better) way I can report problems to you ? Maybe directly on the wiki itself ?

Request for more tutorials that teaches the math side of the puzzle solving

Jieux: Luck favors those who do the math I fear. [8:42 PM]
Jieux: is there a series that teaches the math? [8:42 PM]
Eli Fisker: It is a strong way of solving. [8:42 PM]
Eli Fisker: Oh, that is a good suggestion [8:43 PM]
Eli Fisker: I don’t think there is [8:43 PM]
Eli Fisker: I know that Brourd has a doc where he do show how energy is changed all along moving towards a solve [8:43 PM]
Eli Fisker: I think there are a few tutorials that actually touches the topic with energy [8:44 PM]
Eli Fisker: I think Hyph did one [8:44 PM]
Jieux: There is energy concepts. [8:44 PM]
Eli Fisker: But having more that particularly aims of teaching it would be really great [8:44 PM]
Jieux: agreed. [8:45 PM]

What I know of for now, that teaches the math angle of puzzles.

Brourd’s Isolated shape 21 walkthrough
Drake’s Advanced Puzzle Solving Guide