some strange stuff - maybe

I noticed the the plus/minus NTs is now incorporated into switches so my
“red flag” radar is up for weird stuff that may be broken is up.

Auto save for me doesn’t work but “chat” said not so.

I will keep trying but am giving a “heads up” or feedback of what may or may not be working.

Same for me.

An FYI - plus/minus in switches doesn’t do anything yet or maybe I can’t get it to work.

Also noticed that saved puzzles previous to a few days ago do restore
(restored to old save, not new) when entering the puzzle a second time.

Final solutions are not saved either.
And on a good note - faster response time from flipping NTs in a puzzle.
I would vote for a manual save if there is a tradeoff between speed and

I am with JR on some sort of compromise between sequence save and puzzleworking speed. If it can be turned on by default and off/manual by option selection, that would be nice