Sort function is broken for the microRNA labs

The sorting function is not working in the microRNA labs. It is not reacting nor sorting the designs as usually. Nothing happens. It is working fine for all the other labs, just not this lab with its 3 sub labs:

It is the most most crucial lab tool for finding close to identical designs and aid analysis. Especially now when there can be like 1000 designs per lab.

For those who has not yet been introduced to the sorting function, check the description of this lab tutorial puzzle:…


The applet crashes, but that’s not caused by changes in the code. The data for that lab contains a few invalid entries, which causes functions like sorting (which need to read data in all entries) to fail.

Possibly, some of JR’s designs are missing… I’ll check with John.

Hi Nando!

Thx for looking into this. :slight_smile: