Sorting the shape library within the lab

Sorting in the shape library within the lab:

Would it be possible to sort the sequence strings in the lab in such a way that the column of sequences are sorted by sequence similarity?

I would love to compare designs that way.

By the way, does the library ensure that designs identical to already submitted designs are rejected? If not, it definitely should do so (no need for doublettes)

Hi boganis,

If you choose the “Sort” button in the descriptive popup when you click on a design name in the lab, it will sort (by default in descending order) according to how many nucleotides other designs differ by from the one you’ve chosen. So you get a nice list of all the designs from most-similar to the one you’re looking at to least-similar.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the library rejects submissions that are identical to previous submissions. I’m not sure if this holds across rounds though - in other words, you may be able to resubmit a design for voting in round two if it wasn’t synthesized in round one.

Hi, boganis and Ding,

Ding’s right - the game doesn’t allow you to submit identical designs in the same round. But it still allows you to submit the same design from past rounds. This is because only current round designs are considered in synthesis & rewarding process and we thought it isn’t fair to completely lock out past designs.