Sound effect modification for better gameplay

If you’ve got the puzzle to go white (structurally not likely to fail gloriously), and you’re then there adding in extra G’s and stuff to meet criteria and your move makes the puzzle turn red again (structurally unsound), sometimes it is not immediately noticed. Can you make the bing a different tone in *that* fail condition (“most recent move turned puzzle red somewhere”) to let us know that the move caused failure? You’d only have to do it for the fail condition of “turning entirely white puzzle red somewhere”… sometimes people need to turn the puzzle red a lot and you wouldn’t want to be bonging them all the time then. But one alert-bong when the USED TO BE WHITE puzzle turns RED again, that would be helpful. And you could tie it to whatever code already detects the red part and colors the border of the mini-design either white or red…

Hi which.chick.

Thanks for sharing your idea! We have added your idea to our task list, with task ID #596. We’ll update this post once we make a progress on the task.

EteRNA team

Btw, to track your request, the entire task list / bug tracker can be seen here.