stuck on Broad's mod of Jet plane

I’ve solved all the other switch puzzles on page 23, but I can’t figure out how to make the two side stacks in the primary (1) shape hold together. Since those four sequences recombine in two ways from shape 1 to shape 2, there is no way to break the pattern without breaking the pattern in shape 2.

I can see why this puzzle has the fewest solutions, it is definitely the hardest puzzle on the page.

Woops, that should be Brourd.

Hi Mike!

Brourd have made a couple of help versions on that puzzle. Those have a lot of locked bases and should help you get closer getting your plane in the air.

Good luck!

Learn how to Board a Jet Plane

Learn how to fly a jet plane

Thank you very much!

I don’t get it. When I run “[switch] Learn how to Board a Jet Plane”, and take the hint to make bases 25 and 62 A’s, which forces the remaining 6 free bases to either A or U, I still get the same problem.

There is only one way to set this puzzle once you’ve made bases 25 and 62 into A, so I don’t see what I’m missing.

Sorry for the stupid question. As soon as I hit the pillow I figured it out. And I got the 2nd one quickly this morning.

Happy to hear you got the puzzle solved. Good job!