Suggestion for Elo Transition Implementation

Hi All,

Just wanted to post these thoughts on a possible implementation of the transition to Elo - to elicit community response:

Does this seem workable? …advisable? …palatable?

How would you change it? … improve it? …criticize it?

"Elo Phased Transition Plan"

  1. Create a new Column titled “Elo” right next to the “Votes” column in the Lab-List Window.

  2. Begin the Elo Pair Review Process, but do not replace the Vote method with it - YET.

  3. Post the Elo Results as they are tabulated - right next to the Vote Results - for easy comparison by the whole community.

  4. Continue the current Voting Method for at least two, (and possibly 3 or more) rounds, concurrently, while conducting this “live test” of the Elo Pair Review Method - continually posting the updated results of each method, to facilitate continuous community evaluation…

  5. Conduct ongoing Community Opinion Polls, and Get-Sat Threads on the emerging Pros, Cons, Strengths, and Weaknesses of the new Elo System versus the old Voting System.

  6. Have the actual implentation of Elo be contingent upon the results of this test, and upon overall majority community response (tempered, of course, by Developer prerogative).

Looking forward to seeing responses!

Thanks & Best Regards,

-d9 :slight_smile:

Can’t really see the benefit of half-hearted implementation of elo alongside the old system.