Suggestions For The Site

  1. Get rid of the bubbles. They were amussing the first day, now they are lagging the interactions. Maybe make it an option along with different backgrounds.
  2. The chat room is great and I use it a lot, but maybe make it a seperate window. It also contributes to it lagging. Especially when people constantly post their pictures (ve made a few on here and it would be nice to know they are on so we could tackle problems together.
  3. Should be able to search for people in the Players section.
  4. I think the coins could become a more interactive part. Maybe open up new puzzles. Buy badges. Something fun.

Thanks AxtMan

Great suggestions!
Most of what you wrote are actually already on the list of things for the developers to look at. The one thing that isn’t is having the chat window move to a new window. I added it to the bug tracker.


Thanks Matt, oh and can you see all 8 suggestions, it looks like it crammed it together and cut a lot out. Is there a character limit on here.

No, I can only see 4: 1. Removing the bubbles, 2. Chat room in a seperate window, 7. search for players 8. Do something with coins.

And as far as I know there isn’t a character limit and if there is it is pretty high.

I would suggest adding the Puzzle requirements to screenshots taken by people because they generally post them in order to get help with their current Challenge. It would speed up communication and would allow members to help each-other faster.

Other than that you did a tremendous job.

A quick way to enable that would be to give achievements for the #times you share screenshots.

Another good feature would be adding the ability to rotate the whole puzzle so it can fit in the screen. For example, Oryza Sativa 5 overflows over the top and below the bottom of the screen, even when I play in full screen and zoom out to the limit permitted.