Supercomputer - Level 3 of 18

Hi again. Thanks for the quick fix to my previous submission.
I am at [Supercomputer] - Level 3 of 18, and the model freezes as soon as it lodes.  The only things that are responsive are the Chat Box, the Go to Home link and the [Supercomputer] Level 3 of 18 link.  I have tried in Chrome and MS Edge.  I have cleared the cache on both, but still with the same results.  I think it might be something on the page itself.

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Yup, able to reproduce. Sorry about the difficulties, will try to get a fix out soon.

Digging into this, the issues appear to go pretty deep down the rabbit hole with some of the more complex parts of the codebase dealing with multistrand RNA - I’m working on it, though it’s going slower than I would like. The core issue causing the crash is resolved, but there’s still some significant issues with oligo ordering and such - will keep you posted.

Turns out some of the issues I saw were actually unrelated and have been floating around for a while. Not perfect yet, but some of it is resolved (and doesn’t crash!). As always let me know if there’s any further issues.