The message system

It Would be nice if we could search our message via player name (have a search box) to make it easier to find the message we are looking for. The long list of messages is making it hard to find old ones.

I wholeheartedly agree. I regularly need to dig up an older message, so it would be a huge help.

Hi mat747 Nice to meet you

This has been added to our issue tracker with ticker number #73

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Thanks for your idea!

Maybe You will be able to see new features in EteRNA 2.0!!

EteRNA team

Is there any chance this could be re-opened? It would be great to at least be able to show more than 5 or 6 messages per mouseclick. There is some info deep in my private messages I am unable to find due to the impracticality of clicking for ages, opening every threaded message and using a browser text search

Stlne found an emergency solution that can be a help untill we get the option to search in our messages.

stlnegril9: short term fix… HTTP get 100 (or however many) messages - search your browser for text in question…

You can change the skip to skip=300

Then it will jump 300 message back

And if you set size=100

It will show you 100 messages. It is far from perfect. But you can search with your browser for keywords in it and perhaps find that message you are searching for.

thank you stlnegril9!

Adding my voice that it would be a big help to be able to search the messages in an easier fashion

Would be a superb idea. Have always been thinking about it too

…Or maybe do it inbox-style like is common just about everywhere else?