The 'unsatisfied shape' image

The ‘unsatisfied shape’ image in the top left. could you make an option to have it permanently enlarged or the same way you have ‘double view’ for puzzles that need to have two conformations, you could have a second full size image that shows the highlighted parts in similar fashion. would be helpful, thank you.

Hmm. This might be an interesting use of picture-in-picture. What do you think, Jee?

Hi Jesse, Adrien.

I think it’s best to try out the option to have the thumbnail permanently enlarged. We tried the similar idea of having two screens [one showing native shape, and the other showing target with where it’s wrong] and it became too complicated that we had to drop it.

This task has been given ticket number #94…

Thanks for the suggestion!

Please enlarge the thumbnail. It would be greatly appreciated and so much easier to see and follow. If possible, it would be really great to bring back the white and red outline of the box that was present in the first Eterna. Thanks for listening!


With more than 200 base pairs, the red is extremely difficult to read. Please allow this schematic to be enlarged more than the present at the very least. Thank you, .

I’m glad people agree with my suggestion, can’t wait to see things happen