The voting interface.

The voting interface as it is now encourages voting based on votes already cast, usernames, and comments etc.
But the voting interface doesn’t provide any way to easily compare shape solutions thus encouraging voting on other trivial data.
Suggested solution: Side by side comparisons of shape solutions.

This is a great idea. Right now, players can do side-by-side comparisons based on the sequence, and when the experimental data comes out, it will be visible on the sequence. But do you mean that we should also be able to see pictures of the solutions inlined in the solution browser?

OK, I understand better now the voting interface.
I had not recognised the white dot as slider control and thus do not have access to the right hand side of the interface.
I look at this choice of design OK, but the user needs to be trained to recognise it. Or maybe I was exposed to it in the tutorial exercises and didn’t learn it. I don’t remember.
So back to the question of what I meant. Yes, pictures of solutions side by side someway was what I was visualising.
I’m thinking I should end this conversation and go to the ~“why I voted as I did” conversation