Timing of lab rounds and synthesis

Especially as we move into more complicated aptamer labs, it’s frustrating to have only a few days between when synthesis results are released and the next round of lab closes. Much of the two-week lab period seems to be wasted on later rounds, since many players want to wait to see what worked in the previous round.

I’d like to propose that instead we alternate between two different lab challenges. That is, while we’re waiting for Round 1 synthesis results of one lab, we could be working on a different lab challenge. The time for each challenge could still be two weeks; this would just introduce a two week “breather” between synthesis rounds.

This wouldn’t require any more synthesis work, any software changes, etc. It would just require a change a scheduling. By giving us much more time to analyze and discuss synthesis results, I think it’ll result in much faster progress, and reduce the odds of a bad round like FMN Switch 2.0 round 2.

Good idea, Drax!

I see mods based on the incomming results, that I think will do good. But often they don’t have enough time to collect votes to make it to synthesis. Loosing to designs submitted early in the round, long before the results were out.

I agree. By the time the lab results are out there are designs that already have a significant number of votes and not much room for designs based on the previous lab results.

We have plans in place to both accelerate the experimental schedule and to have alternating puzzles… this should double our project’s ‘throughput’. We’re fortunate to have a new experimentalist Ayesha to help with the synthesis and mapping, and she is ramping up to that speed. Stay tuned. And when we switch to that schedule, please send us comments about whether its too crazy or not.

Awesome! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sounds great!